It’s Microsoft’s “Patch Tuesday” today!

It is going to be a busy week for all the IT professionals since Microsoft is going to deliver a record patch that addresses 64 security vulnerabilities. There will be patches for bugs in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Visual Studio, GDI+ and .NET framework. In this update, the most frequently used office applications like Excel (2003-2010) and Powerpoint (2002-2010) will also be affected. There will be 17 bulletins, of which more than half, that is nine, are critical. The critical bulletins will affect all Windows systems including Server 2008 and Windows 7 and hence Microsoft urges system administrators to plan for a deployment.

Pete Voss, a senior response communication manager at Microsoft says that according to the assessment of Microsoft, the vulnerability could theoretically allow remote code execution. However, he adds that such an event is extremely unlikely and no evidence of attacks have been recorded so far. Apart from the 9 critical bulletins out of 17, the other 8 bulletins are marked to be important. Among those rated as important is a fix for the MHTML script injection vulnerability in Windows. The security bulletins will be released by Microsoft at about 1 pm EDT on 12th April.

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Who says Open Source is NOT for Financial Institutions?

A recent news story published by the Bloomberg Businessweek claimed that an Ex-Goldman Sachs programmer was found guilty of stealing certain source codes to use it for his new employer’s benefit. During the trial an argument put across by the defendant was that most of the codes that he stole were open source in nature. But the matter that caught most people’s attention was the fact that a financial institution like Goldman Sachs is also one amongst a plethora of open source code users.

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