Vulcan Mind Meld for Locked-In Syndrome patients

Anybody who read the classic American tale Johnny Got His Gun has a slight comprehension of what it’s like to live trapped within your own body, incapable to move, nod, speak or even blink. The mind reels; the body does nothing. Unfortunately, this form of communication-stripped torture isn’t a fictional tale but a reality for […]

Move Over Instragram — ForensicaGPS turns crappy photos into 3D Renders

Rarely are thieves, animators and illustrators frightened by the same technology — but all of the above should be on the lookout for Animetrics’ new software – Forensica GPS. This new software-based technology is able to turn low-res photos into stunning 3D renders. While my mind is reeling with the possibilities, Animetrics specifically designed their […]

Google’s Transformer product line is building a Microsoft-slaying open-source Optimus Prime

If you’re a tech geek like me you undoubtedly follow Google – and you also probably know all the transformers by heart. By using Transformers as an allegory we can put Google’s transformation into context. Google has been acquiring companies, technology and people — aggressively, and now they are joining them all together to build […]

Connecting Office to the cloud with Cloud Connect

If Microsoft is the evil empire, then their Office Suite is their “Death Star” — a product of epic proportions. 500 million users just about qualifies the suite as epic. And just like the Death Star it has a huge vulnerability and can be taken down in a swift and calculator attack. an Open Source for your Open queries. Is that all?

A week ago, a question was raised by the latest owners of who go by the name Linux Fund organization, and we are still unsure if we have an answer to that question yet. The question was “What do we do with” The question came up on the evening February 25th during a […]

Quantity vs. Quality – The Google Algorithm!

You can search for anyone and their uncle on Google, and it won’t disappoint you, and now with the new algorithm the search results will be cleaner and more focused. Google has updated its algorithm to remove the rankings of sites it considers “content farms” and upgrade search results. This change affected about 12% of […]

Clustered File Systems – a handy dope!

There exists a handful of options to choose from as far as clustered and high storage files are concerned, but in order to understand the functioning of each file system there needs to be some research conducted. Each option of storage architecture and file system is essential as each have their own limitations that are […]

New Linux Mint 10 – Will you be lured into trying it?

Julia – Linux Mint 10 Battling to be classified as the most reliable open source operating system is the Linux Mint team, which apparently has put its plans to action by leveraging its existing and most popular product the Linux Mint and in turn has brought out a new and updated version of the same […]

The Open Source Revolution – all you need to know!

In the proprietary closed source model, the entire development cycle evolves within a single company. Programmers write code, hide it behind binaries and charge the customers to use the software. No one ever gets to know how bad the software really is!