PropertyFeast – An Innovative Real Estate Platform

Real estate is a lucrative niche market, even in the current market straits. A real estate transaction is much more detailed than any other asset purchases. However, technology provides the solution to simplify the search for the perfect mortgage asset. Property portals offer sellers to display their mortgaged properties in the best light. All-important information, concerning the deal, is easily accessible with real-time developments tracked for current updates. You can get to the seller or contact a property agent to help you in your search to find the best mortgage deal for you.

Recently joining the niche of property portals, PropertyFeast still brings quite an impact assortment of features to the field. The geographical location of the various properties plays a big role in the content of the various property portals online.

The Team

The core team is led by Dileep Singh Rathore (CEO) and the co-founders of the project, Emmanuel Pappas and Christos Pappas. The site focuses on the Indian property market. The origin of the site can be traced back to the lack of information that troubled them during their personal search for property information in India. The site has been developed based on experiences instead of a general idea, which makes the project better equipped to handle specific customer concerns.

Here is a brief look at the relevant features of the site –

Efficiency Criteria

The site is dedicated to the complete transaction of a property sale. This means that property listings have as much of a place on the site, as do agents, developers, and realtors. The site strives to bring together all the aspects of the deal at one commonplace. Therefore, when you do decide to buy or sell a property in India, you do not have to surf all over the Internet to find each individual aspect. The realtor practices have seen a significant shift, especially in the recent economy. Balancing the necessary criteria to accommodate these changes is essential to survive in the competition-driven market. PropertyFeast manages the task effortlessly.

Usability & Information Protocol

It cannot be stressed enough that buying or selling mortgaged property is a big decision. The people involved in the transaction look for options with clearly defined, comparable features. The site provides accompanying photos, for each of the property listings. This effectively increases the interest in the asset. Professionalism is an undeniable part of this particular type of service. PropertyFeast is an exclusive real estate portal, where agents, developers, and realtors are allowed in only by invitation. This raises the bar of quality standards of the listings.

The site adheres to an efficient protocol of franchising, which helps include a wider range of property deals in their database. Agents are included in the site because they often simplify the process of a real estate deal for the buyers. However, the site’s accreditation and branding initiatives are geared towards providing the best realtor experience for the buyers.

Credibility Factors

It is difficult for such a new website to establish its credibility parameters, so early on in the game. However, it can be said that PropertyFeast has managed to establish a name for itself in the niche. The tie-ups of the site are accountable for this situation. The website is in direct partnership with Rightmove, an immensely popular in the UK; is a web-property portal and carries self-worth of over 2 million search counts per month.

PropertyFeast was launched in 2010, and since then, it has worked towards covering multiple bases within the Indian subcontinent, listing major property opportunities. It also has tie-ups with major property agencies such as RE/MAX, PropTiger, and Knight Frank, etc. Networking is necessary for the survival of websites online. PropertyFeast makes up for any lapse in the process by intensifying its franchising practices. The ease of interface navigation and access to optional functions provide extra popularity for the site, leading to increased sales counts.

Currently, the site is coasting the Tier-I sites. The plans in the pipe include a shift of focus towards Tier II and III sites, eventually. The website strives to bring a selection of affordable options for the buyers. Agents and professionals are included to ease the necessary complications.

The site is relatively new but it has secured a large share of the property market customers. By association and networking struggles, the site has managed to develop a keen platform for customer interaction with agents and realtors. In all, the analysis of the site reveals a certain brand of efficiency primarily expected in a real estate database portal.

For sure, PropertyFeast lives up to its name and the attention to details show promise to morph the site into a raging national level success, soon.

Access and Manage apps with AppDok on IE, Firefox & Chrome

The Internet is alive with a multitude of apps for every niche. Each day, a variety of new apps are constructed. These apps find their way in to our lives via our browsers and they exist to make our lives easier in a variety of ways. It is only natural that you would be interested in trying new and unique apps. However, managing and accessing these apps on your browser can get a little tedious over time.

AppDok is the simplified solution for this task.

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OnSite – Engineering Your Electronic Items

Like its name, OnSite, founded by Kunal Mahipal and Amar Desai in 2010, serves as a pick up and drop facility for portable electronic devices that need repair, in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore (INDIA). An innovative initiative into the After-Sales service sector; however, the level of success remains to be verified.


We live in a time of high prices that can shoot up the day after, unannounced, and what is required is to make what you have last, reuse, recycle and repeat. That makes it important to have an after sales service that works, and that provides consistent service at your doorstep. The website says, “On time performance, friendly helpful staff and a guarantee that every promise we make will be honored are the traits that define the Onsite Experience”.

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Quanik – A ‘not for profit’ firm for Bloggers

There are several not-for-profit organizations that function in this world and most of them have one primary purpose for which they are formed. To make profits is definitely not their primary purpose. It could be for a social cause, a charitable event, or it could be an organization that educates people for free. There are a plethora of purposes for which a non-profit firm could be started. But this one is unique. Quanik is an online firm that offers anyone with huge passion to make it big in the blogging fraternity. Though their Profile on their website reads as, “A Firm that educates people on the value of self-employment”, their major program or service rendered is in ‘blogging’.

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Successful Enterprise Complaints Management by UsefulFeedback

Think about a hypothetical situation – You get a text message from your mobile phone service provider stating that you would have to submit a few documents, for verification of your identity, to the nearest customer service center. Before you would have realized the brevity or the urgency of the submission your service provider disables the Caller Identification Presentation (CLIP) facility on your phone. You get a call, but unable to answer it somehow & you haven’t been able to be authorized to dial any number yet. You call up your customer service and they remind you of submitting your valid documents. You rush to the nearest store and submit all duly signed documents and are happy that you have done your job and the service would be activated within the next 48 hours. You are intelligent, and you did not even forget to note down the Customer Information Form (CIF).

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SimilarGroup improves Web Navigation

Earlier known as SimilarWeb, the web navigation tool is now called SimilarGroup. Considered as a start-up, SimilarGroup plays more than a handy role in enabling web users to find, share, rank and review websites, thereby ensuring that search engine start-ups like Blekko and DuckDuckGo can get all of the search results right. A perfect start-up navigation tool for a perfect start-up search engine. It took off in the year 2007 and its most popular product is named after its most recent labeling — SimilarWeb.

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Yogile makes Photo Sharing – Simple, Easy and Collaborative

The beauty of the World Wide Web never stops disappointing users and there is absolutely no end to the number of ways by which one can have fun, socialize, achieve business success, etc. Yogile is one amongst those many ways of having fun, socializing and connecting with friends. Yogile is a photo-sharing website that allows you to upload pictures and share them with your peers and friends. I understand that your mind right now would be thinking “there are so many websites that cater to my photo-sharing need, how can this be any different?”

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Wazala – A Revolutionary Online Store for Netizens


There are lots of solutions these days to make it easy for you to open an online shopping site. Building an online store for your business can never be this easy. Wazala is another of such solution, offering a simple software solution of opening up online stores to any self employed populace that claim existence in the internet arena in the form of a website or a blog. It is designed to primarily help anyone selling her goods or services online, who in turn would allow their consumers to shop online.

A passionate photographer who wants to sell some of her best pictures; a craftsman wanting to sell his crafts, a blogger who wants to sell her writings, etc. can now depend on Wazala and benefit from selling their products and services online and earn revenues. Wazala is a website overlay application that functions as an e-commerce Shopping Cart Software assisting people in making purchases online.

The creation of an online store through this new e-commerce solution and adding the same on to your website or blog would take 15 minutes; the same quantum of time that Andy Warhol believed every individual on planet Earth would take to become famous. You would not want to trust Andy, but you could sure believe the fact that Wazala facilitates your website or blog to encompass an online store of its own in 15 minutes. There is not the requirement of the user to be an intellect in coding or have immense knowledge about internet to layout the Wazala Shopping Cart Software onto her website. You do not need the services of a web designer or a finance company to fund your online shopping store.

A straightforward copy, paste, point and click operation would integrate the store widget onto the user’s website with a small red button at the right hand top corner side of the site layout. Once a customer logs into your website and clicks on the red button, there would open up a separate window which overlays your website (right on top of your content). With this, there is absolutely no need for you to spend money on an extra webpage and also, the design of Wazala is subtle and graceful that does not affect the design element of the website.

Apart from this Wazala allows consumer stickiness as they have the facility of dumping the most liked products or services into “favorites” whereby customers can invest time in making shopping decisions and come back later once they have made a final choice. Wazala also ties online entrepreneurs up with PayPal, Google Checkout and the most trustworthy online services for smooth receipt of payments from end-consumers.

In addition to this, Wazala enables its business users to turn into Multi-National Companies owing to the online store that would be available in 15 languages and 24 currencies, hence globalizing their operations across countries.

Wazala could face inconvenience in the form of competition from Shopify, Big Cartel, Magneto, etc. that also offer e-commerce software solutions to businesses. In every industry there is bound to exist some sort of competition, and to reach to the top level and sustain the same would take a lot of maturity and being abreast of the latest technological novelties.

Having said that, I see no reason why Wazala should not reach the top. Best wishes to Wazala.