Invoicera’s new billing service for Magento

Sending invoices to a client or a customer every time they place an order on your online store can be quite a daunting task. The same activity can consume the productive time of your business. But, guess what? Here comes the good news. A Company well-known for its online software for invoicing and billing service […]

OnSite – Engineering Your Electronic Items

Like its name, OnSite, founded by Kunal Mahipal and Amar Desai in 2010, serves as a pick up and drop facility for portable electronic devices that need repair, in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore (INDIA). An innovative initiative into the After-Sales service sector; however, the level of success remains to be verified. We live in a […]

How to Hire a Great Web Designer

Garry Tan, designer-in-residence for YCombinator, shares some insights on how to hire Great Web Designers for your Startup/Company. For startups on the Web, design is often a fundamental differentiator. It’s important to have a design leader in the company as early as possible—and he should be given say over schedules, deadlines and product strategy. The […]

Companies Hiring Entrepreneurs for Innovation!

Innovation is a term which comes naturally to Entrepreneurs. Needless to mention, today there is a rapid growth in start-ups and small companies. Leading organizations and big corporations though, are at a loss of innovating new products and services on a comparative note. A long time ago, entrepreneurs were taken so lightly and entrepreneurship was […]

Dhunio – Music for the Internet’s Soul

There’s music in the sighing of a reed; There’s music in the gushing of a rill; There’s music in all things, if men had ears: Their earth is but an echo of the spheres. ~ Lord Byron And to carry to this echo further into the world unimaginable without computers are websites for online music […]

Valuable Tips to Project a Startup’s Financial Performance

Every start-up firm that takes birth initially is very enthusiastic about putting every plan into place, 75% of them end up executing everything that is planned too. But this only lasts for about one year or maximum two years. Post which, they get complacent and see that everything is falling into place on its own; […]

Cloud Computing will develop rural and developing areas

Cloud computing has the ability to transform the developing world, and bring it into the high tech age at lightning speed via what the NY Times calls ‘Gandhi engineering‘. The challenges previously faced by developing countries over reliable power sources, lack of connectivity and expensive equipment costs that were prohibitive for developing areas to modernize […]

The Homepreneur – New Age Businessman!

If you think your gardening, cooking, photography, writing skills are more than just a hobby, then you are what is defined as – The Homepreneur. In the U.S there are an increasing number of home-based businesspeople, at an estimated 6.6 million home-based enterprises. These businesses are no longer considered less successful or respectful than big […]