Sharpen your Startup Skills, the Harvard’s Way

What motivates entrepreneurs? Money? Control? In truth, some entrepreneurs are expecting to get rich. Others want to grow and control a new venture. But most would probably answer — both — and in the process of mixing the two, ended up with neither.

How to evaluate your new Product/Startup idea

Great products almost always come from someone scratching their own itch. Create something you want to exist in the world. Be a user of your own product. Hire people who are users of your product. Make it better based on your own desires.

TiE Entrepreneurial Summit – 2007

TiE Entrepreneurial Summit is a forum to make new connections and renew old ones. If you are a budding entrepreneur or a mid size company looking to scale up or a successful established entrepreneur, an investor, a professional, then TiE Entrepreneurial Summit – 2007 is the place where you need to be.

Venture Capitalist prefer investing in Startups to Stock Market

Many VCs have tied up with investment banks to reach out to the budding entrepreneurs in the country. International funds such as US-based Kleiner Perkins, Mayfield, Quantum and Evergreen and Switzerland’s VGD have either tied up, or are in the process of tying up with Indian banks to leverage India’s blinding economic growth.

Big Corps losing high executive to Google and Startups

Fitzpatrick declared his boredom with Six Apart, and after weighing offers from Google and Facebook, has chosen to head to Google. Meanwhile, industry experts blames Yahoo! that their search marketing initiative is not clearly targeted at a specific audience – whether on the mobile or on the internet.

Indian Tech no longer for startups that does sophisticated Technology

A large swathe of Silicon Valley Startups and Midsize companies that do sophisticated tech work are turning away from India as their premier outsourcing destination. While such companies make up just a fraction of India’s outsourcing work, they had been an early catalyst for the growth of India’s Information Technolgy Business and helped the country attract other outsourcing clients.