Take the A List Apart 2008 Survey

A List Apart 2008 SurveyIt’s A List Apart’s second annual survey for people who make websites. I took it! And so should you. The Survey for People Who Make Websites.

This year’s survey corrects many of last year’s mistakes, with more detailed and numerous questions for freelance contractors and owners of (or partners in) small web businesses. There are also better international categories, and many other improvements recommended by those who took the survey last year.

Industry experts have taken the survey;

Please take the survey and encourage your friends and colleagues who make websites to do likewise.

The spam business that arts in cyberspace

Today there are many types of “electronic-spam”, including the most famous “E-mail spam” aka “unsolicited e-mail”, “Forum Spam”, “Newsgroup Spam” Advertisement and forgery in a newsgroup, “Messaging Spam or Spim” that is spam through instant messaging system for advertisement or even extortion. On the web, there is an important type of spam called “Spamdexing” – the art of manipulating a search engine to create the illusion of popularity of a particular website.

The University of Maryland issued a report in 2003, saying that spam costs businesses approximately $22 billion in lost productivity each year. There seems to be a no easy ways to deal with spam. Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said in 2004: “two years from now, spam will be solved”. Well, that is another mis-prediction from Bill Gates.

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How to track your Flickr Photos Statistics

Brajeshwar's PhotosOf late, my Flickr Photos are getting quite a bit of attention, more specifically with the inclusion of the Windows Vista Wallpaper collection. The Photos stream has garnered almost half a million views ever since I shifted my photos to Flickr from my hosted Gallery in March, 2006. At this rate, it will easily cross half a million views per year (by March 2007).

There is no way to see your Flickr Photo usage statistics. Someone may be blogging your photos, praising your photos and linking back to your Flickstream. The best way so far is to track through Technorati. To know where your Flickr photos are being linked, blogged or mentioned elsewhere, setup a Technorati Search Feed for your Flickstream.

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