Size DOES matter – Just Ask IBM About Their New 120 PETABYTE Storage system

In the never-ending race to build the biggest and most bitchin’ hardware on the planet, IBM has taken the lead. Again!

IBM’s newest pet is their 120 petabyte (120 million gigabytes) storage array system, a disk drive system made up of 200,000 drives. It will hold 1 trillion files. This far surpasses the current title holder of the world’s-largest-storage array, that has a measly 15 petabytes.

To put the ridiculously large number of 120 petabytes into proportion, it could hold 24 billion standard MP3 files, or replicate 60 times over the current biggest backup of the Internet from WayBack Machine’s 150 billion stored webpages.

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My Fabrik – the marriage of an online and offline media storage

The web interface is powered by Ajax, making it easy to organize your media files – photos, audio, videos and other documents. The application have smart ways of tagging and organization through folders. Besides the impressive online mechanism that they have, My Fabrik have the ability to tie the online storage with your local storage. If you have own network connected storage device, you can subscribe to the Fabrik Media service and avail of the same. Techcrunch have a more elaborate topic about My Fabrik.

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