Live On Campus Empowering Students Around The World

Most people choose one college but are always curious about life at others. Live On Campus allows a person to indulge their curiosity and live vicariously through the content from other campuses. Live On Campus hopes to bring the world a little closer in helping everyone appreciate the diversity of campuses around the world.

Recently, Live on Campus released The Wire (iTunes Link), which allows a person to see a stream of content from any campus in the world almost instantly. Each stream includes videos, images, tweets, Face Book updates and other interesting content related to a university. Students can create their own streams and compare them with their friends. All of this information can easily be filtered so users only see content of interest as well as a history of everything viewed.

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Adobe School Innovation Awards

The theme of 2008’s Adobe School Innovation Awards is My Community — My Planet — My 21st Century. High school students in grades 9-12 (ages 14-19) can submit entries in three categories: Web Design and Development, Film and Video, and Graphic and Print Design. Category award winners as well as one grand prize winner for best overall submission will be chosen. Prizes include software, cash, a laptop computer, and a trip to NECC being held in San Antonio, Texas.

Submitted projects, dealing with students’ community, the world around them, and their own future, should showcase the most creative and innovative use of technology using Adobe products. The deadline for submissions is May 12, 2008. Winners will be announced at NECC in San Antonio, Texas.

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