India’s Software Developer Awards

Saltmarch Media’s annual Great Indian Developer Awards honor technologies that are contributing to the productivity and innovation excellence of the Indian developer ecosystem. The awards recognize the product and innovation excellence of the hundreds of software products and tools that aid developer productivity, across 11 different categories. The selection criteria applied places emphasis on functionality, usability, innovation excellence, bleeding-edge quotient, and feedback from the developer ecosystem. Nominations to the 2011 edition of the awards are invited.

IT professionals are invited to nominate software tools, frameworks and platforms that are not only popular in your development organizations, but also have changed the way you approach your development tasks and ushered in innovation, cost-effectiveness, performance improvements and ease of use.

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Mobile Developer Summit 2010 (India)

Mobile phones are poised to overtake PCs as the most-ubiquitous Web access device worldwide. As the ecosystem pushes the pedal to transition to a mobile-centric computing world, developers will find a greater need to distribute their products and services via mobile platforms, whether they are pursuing projects on behalf of their companies or innovating on their own.

As the focus world-wide shifts from App Stores to Developers (some even calling 2010 the Year of the Developer), the annual Mobile Developer Summit (MODS) brings together thought leaders and experts from different aspects of the mobile ecosystem to share their passion, experience, grit and learning to a gathering of over a 1000 mobile/web application developers and technologists. Whether experienced or new developers, or industry experts and decision makers, all share the floor to debate, share and rethink the world of mobile. Continue reading

Great Indian Developer Summit 2009

I got a Press Release of the upcoming GIDS ’09 and here is an excerpt.

The summit’s program covers Java, REST, Unit testing, Groovy, Spring, Struts 2.0, SOA, Cloud Computing, Web Services, JRuby, RoR, Ruby, JVM, JPA, Apache, Grails, Agile, HTML 5, Ajax, ADO .NET, C# 4.0, C# vNext, Visual Studio, ASP .NET Ajax 4.0, T-SQL, Silverlight and more through various interactive discussion formats. High-profile speakers at the summit include Craig McClanahan (Java Studio Creator), Venkat Subramaniam (Agile Developer Founder), Beat Schwegler (S+S, Web 2.0, SOA), Ola Bini (JRuby Core Developer and Ruby), Nikhil Kothari (ASP.NET & .NET, Silverlight), Dr. Jim Weber (SOA, REST), Howard Lewis Ship (Apache Tapestry Creator), Jonas Jacobi (Founder of Kaazing), Chad Hower (Cosmos, ADO .NET).

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Developer Summit 2008, India

Great Indian Developer SummitThis is a reader submited article.

The Indian Developer Summit 2008 Features Co-located Conferences on Bleeding-edge .NET, Rich Web, Daring Java. The Call for Proposals are now Open and Nominations are invited for the Awards.

Under the hood of robust enterprise IT systems, infrastructure, software, products and applications, is the wisdom, passion, grit and experience of people who have contributed in multiple ways to make the end product successful. This collective ecosystem of “Developers” — decision makers, analysts, architects, engineers, project managers, designers, and programmers — is what makes the world of software tick.

The 2008 edition of the annual Great Indian Developer Summit, centered around the theme of “Recipes for Enterprise Productivity”, features a blockbuster convergence of three on-the-radar co-located conferences that no entity in the “Developer ecosystem” can ignore in their quest for success at work and in their careers — Bleeding-edge .NET, Rich Web and Daring Java.

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