Ever wanted to take a Supercomputer for a test drive?

If you’ve ever wanted to take a supercomputer for a test drive, now is your chance. Solve that probabilistic analysis. Figure out some brute force code breaking. Conduct 3D nuclear testing simulations. Or, if you’re more cosmopolitan, do some Molecular Dynamics Simulations. No matter what your supercomputing needs, Cycle Computing will get you there.

Check this out, it’s brilliant: Cycle Computing is a 20-employee company leveraging the cloud computing movement by timesharing virtual supercomputers out to small companies and individuals who would never have had access (read: funds) to such technology. They use virtual clusters by virtually lashing together 50,000 processors from Amazon Web Services, in the cloud, via their own software.

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Newest Supercomputer Processes 8.162 quadrillion Calculations Per Second

As if rivalries between Japan and China weren’t strong enough with the Olympics and the nuclear arms race — now they are in a computer arms race — and Japan just stole the title of the world’s fastest supercomputer.

The previous holder of the world record was Tianjin’s Tianhe-1A, a supercomputer that could handle 2.566 quadrillion calculations per second. The new Japanese supercomputer computes 8.162 quadrillion calculations per second. Either way, wow — and ridiculous. The new ridiculously-fast supercomputer is packed with 68,544 eight-core processors, and is housed in 672 refrigerator-sized racks. And it uses 9.89 megawatts of juice, or enough to run 9,000 homes (shhh–don’t tell Greenpeace). Actually, it is quite energy efficient when compared to its predecessors — twice as efficient.

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