Nokia’s Symbian gets OS CPR

Just when we thought that Symbian had joined the technology graveyard — buried alongside the Betamax and AmigaOS, it gets OS CPR.

Symbian gets a revival even after Nokia executive Stephen Elop’s internal memo was leaked, a memo in which he pronounced Symbian DOA by comparing it to a platform on fire (and not in the good way). It was expected by most analysts that Nokia would adopt Microsoft’s new phone OS on future Nokia hardware.

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It’s about time Nokia ‘called it a day’ for Symbian

The time has definitely come for Nokia to retire its OS product wing – Symbian and make way for newer and better solutions; which are first and foremost user-friendly and tailor-made for the next-gen consumers. Symbian for many has not been quite able to match up to other competing OS like Google’s Android or the infamous Apple iOS. The God-send kind of an announcement to do away with Symbian came from Nokia at the same time last year; however Nokia took a sudden U-turn about 2 weeks ago and withdrew the closure of Symbian by taking complete control of the open source Symbian project.

The birth of Symbian happened quite a long time ago and it is seen that since Nokia’s inception both have shared a deep camaraderie between each other. There were rumors that the new N8 series of Nokia would incorporate the Linux-based OS named Maemo. Since that did not happen Nokia had to depend again on its comrade Symbian to step in. Earlier known as EPOC, Symbian was mostly used with various Psion devices like Psion 3 and Psion 5.

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