Bee TV – Merger of Television & Social Media

Have you ever imagined what fun it would be, if you could share your views and comments with friends and near ones, while you are watching your favorite television show? This is no longer a distant dream, as Bee TV has perfectly connected television viewing with social networking. So, for the first time in the history of technology, sharing the best moments of television watching with your friends has been enabled by this excellent application. To start off, the Bee TV can be used by you either on your iPad or you can also use it on the website of Bee TV on the internet. It will, however, be soon available with a host of other devices like the Androids, according to the assurance of Yaniv Solnik, the Founder & CEO of Bee TV.

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Enter the era of IPTV

Television in the old daysIn the past, TV was primarily distributed by a terrestrial system – cable or satellite. With the increasing reach of internet, high bandwidth availability coupled with the decrease of connection costs; it has become very common for television content to be broadcast over the internet.

The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) now called World News, in 1994 was the first television channel to stream over the internet, using a software developed by Tim Dorcey at Cornell University. The internet television use the connection of the internet to deliver video from a source to a target device.

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