Vulcan Mind Meld for Locked-In Syndrome patients

Anybody who read the classic American tale Johnny Got His Gun has a slight comprehension of what it’s like to live trapped within your own body, incapable to move, nod, speak or even blink. The mind reels; the body does nothing. Unfortunately, this form of communication-stripped torture isn’t a fictional tale but a reality for […]

Use of crowd intelligence to tag your Posts – “TagThis” Plugin

TagThis is a wordpress plugin that allows the community to appropriately tag your posts. The tags are then added automatically to your post, and helps organize your blog.

TestFreaks – a way to find products and prices through reviews, forums, blogs

There is a plethora of shopping sites, a few of them good while others are failing to deliver. A client tipped me about an upcoming site that’s about to launch their beta site soon. The site, TestFreaks, will be aggregating a bunch information such as, professional reviews, user reviews, forums, blogs and prices.