Quirky, yet accurate, self-made Billionaire Entrepreneur predicts Tech Innovation Stagnation

Peter Thiel, quirky billionaire tech mogul, PayPal founder and original Facebook investor has done so many things right. So, when he recently predicted that the United States is in a post-recession Great Stagnation of science and technology — people listened. At this year’s FreedomFest Peter Thiel announced in his debate with George Gilder, entitled “Future Shock: Has Technology Stalled in America?”, that technological innovation has essentially flat-lined. “There’s been insane progress in computers, Internet, and all things related to it,” Thiel said during his debate at FreedomFest. “It’s been offset by incredible failure in energy. To a first order, the two things have cancelled each other out.”

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comScore Reports – Users Adore Samsung Android Phones

Gadgets rule this generation and the Androids have certainly proved to be the forerunners in this field. Top mobile and technology companies have launched their versions of the Android phones in the market. Although, almost all of them have seen a speedy consumer rate, yet comScore reports say that Samsung Galaxy phones have taken the lead as the top consumer choice.

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Top Technology Trends – Expected in 2011

It has always been a practice to think, talk and write about innovative technology that either directly or indirectly has something to do with the world of computing and it always has to be a major news only if stalwarts like Microsoft, Google, or Apple come up with these tech trends. My last article for the year 2010, I wanted to focus on something entirely different. Hence I will highlight on a topic that hovers around on some of the most unique technological trends. These trends were supposedly set to take off during 2010. While we cannot really authenticate their success rate yet, we can surely expect them to pick up in the coming year – 2011. Let us take a look at some of these trends:

1. An online funeral

Till recently online web services such as Otrib and Tributes were used as a platform to pay tribute to loved ones who had passed away. Now this trend has elevated to the level wherein people are actually conducting funerals online using webcasting services through FuneralRecording and FunerAlone. Understandably these kind of events happening online could be frowned upon, but this trend means that people from located anywhere can attend the funeral without actually having to travel.

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Are “experts” successful at predicting trends in the technology industry?

If you are a smart businessperson, you know to do your research. You probably use Reddit, Google Alerts, Trade magazines and reputable blogs to follow trends in the industry and technology environments to know how to make your business more successful. Experts have made numerous predictions that seem critical to understanding the changing environment of your startup.

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