A Simple and Easy way to overcome your Twitter Addiction

Like most of you, I too am hooked to twitter – it is such a simple but awesome medium where you can talk to, connect with like-minded people and listen to those who you appreciate. I signed up for Twitter on Jan 29, 2007 which makes me amongst the first Million users (725,553rd) on Twitter. […]

Why Pinterest will outdo Twitter

Imagine the visual aesthetic of social bookmarking site Delicious, mixed with the sociability of Facebook and Twitter, with a bit of Google+ organizational sophistication for good measure, and you’ll have the web’s best up and coming social media network. Already at number three, can Pinterest make a dent in Twitter’s marketshare? Here’s a few reasons […]

News Channels aren’t impressed with Twitter

Social media has attracted not only individuals and businesses but also the reporting media. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ together with the use of some effective social media tools are spreading the news faster than that can happen through other sources. It is simple, fast and efficient. Out of all social […]

Twitter-Yandex join hands

Social networking site, Twitter is popular with its short messaging tweets. These tweets greet others and let users connect with others on a continuous basis. Twitter has become an attractive source not only for individuals but also for businesses. In fact search engines are also befriending with Twitter. After Microsoft’s Bing association with Twitter, another […]

Social Folders – share your social content online

Ever get irritated that you can’t push/pull content between your computer and your social networks and sort it in handy desktop folders? Instead you have to manually update each as new content is added? Martin Pannier did. In response he created SocialFolders. The SocialFolders app allows you to more easily manage content across your desktop […]

5 Ways to Build an Online Community for Your Startup

There are multiple benefits from building an Online Community to create demand for your product. Unlike marketing campaigns, the efforts placed in building online community will give results in the long run. Let us find useful ways to build online community especially for startups; Appropriate Platform Select the most appropriate platform to reach your customers. […]

SASS/SCSS version of Twitter Bootstrap v2.0

Twitter Bootstrap v2.0.0 was released recently. Twitter Bootstrap is a Simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for popular user interface components and interactions. Bootstrap is powered by LessCSS. For those more comfortable with Sass, I did the Sass version of Twitter Bootstrap v2.0.0 sometime back. It’s got both the SASS and SCSS syntax. → […]

How Social Media Changes The Art of Modern Marketing

Social media began as a way for college students to communicate with their friends by using computers. It has now turned into a multibillion networking system that has spanned across the globe. And, this marvel has not gone unnoticed by the marketing industry. The advent of social media over the past few years has caused […]

Could You Trust Twitter, Facebook and Linkedln To Launch Your Business Online?

Surprisingly, the prevailing attitude towards social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is one of either ignorance or disdain. Many small businesses have not seen how much of the small and medium business world have begun to use these formerly consumer products for various business purposes. Social media hubs like Twitter, Facebook and […]