Put on those Airs!

Macbook Air
Apple’s new Macbook Air

What would happen if a MacBook and an iPad hooked up? One of the most amazing things Apple ever created: it is the new MacBook Air! These slim beauties include flash storage, 802.11-N Wi-Fi and a Core 2 Duo processor. Apple has increased the size of the Air’s battery enabling 5-7 hours of battery life when surfing over Wi-Fi and 30 days on standby time just like the iPad.

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What about a wireless power adapter?

I have recently wi-fi-ed my home; and the office, which we are trying slowly to have a NoteBook culture. Not just the wireless connection, but the mice are now wireless and the only thing left now is of a wireless power supply. I think even this should not be that far, I saw something at D-link, which is an approach towards the same where it supplies power (low, below +5v) to wireless devices (have forgotten the link to the actual product). It will be cool if the whole power supply to a NoteBook can be totally wireless.

Internet connection through GPRS

Mobile PhonesSo Mumbai have also come up to a standard where we can say that there is possibility of an “Always On” internet connection. Right now, I am at the airport waiting for my flight to the capital city of India, New Delhi and I am online using my Orange (Hutch in other parts of India) internet connection re-directing its connection from its GPRS connection through IrDA to my Thinkpad. The speed is rather good, gets connected at around 38.4 kbps and stays closely around 28 kbps after some usage. This is cool, I can be online, browse, check mails, and do a whole lotta things even while I am traveling or going to a different city as the connection works in other cities where their connection’s are covered.

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