Documentary Guide

Are you into Documentaries? Do you love to learn about facts, dive deeper into controversies and get to the bottom of news that makes surface headlines?

Documentary is the most influential form of content and can have sustaining visual and emotional impact on each of us. It can drive within us a need to make a difference, to become aware and to call for common understanding of social, political, environmental and every other type of global issues that we as humanity face today.

Documentary Guide is conceived to bring to its audience the widest collection of documentary films from around the World Wide Web. It is one of the few CURATED search engines on the Internet. The contents are researched and indexed – with thousands of films, hundreds of sites and numerous databases from around the globe. The data is well organized, tagged and curated for education and awareness. This platform is made for film makers, researchers, filmgoers, students, educators and all individuals who strive to learn more, know more and do more.

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OpenLeaks, a more transparent alternative to WikiLeaks


After all the hoopla that WikiLeaks went through along with Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, it was a wonderment as to what would happen to the online whistle-blowing fraternity. Well, there seems no respite yet for the fraternity cause former deputy to Assange, Daniel Domscheit-Berg along with a few more ex-WikiLeaks employees has launched OpenLeaks which promises to be more transparent, better and bigger than WikiLeaks.

The website will be functional from the summer of 2011, but the site right now is live only with the OpenLeaks logo and he phrase “Coming soon!”. Speaking about the non-proliferation of WikiLeaks and Cryptome on the internet Daniel Domscheit-Berg said “the fear of an immense lack of knowledge and the technical know-how to keep these organizations in operation has lead them to failure.” He also spoke in detail of his project while he was at the 27th Chaos Communication Congress, an annual political and technology conference in Berlin on December 30, to an audience of 300 activists and hackers.

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Political Pressure on Amazon leads to Wikileaks’ Suffering

Most of us definitely have an idea of the functioning of Wikileaks – which is apparently been termed as the online whistle-blowing forum. It is termed so because the website, through the exposure of information related to certain high-profile government officials has revealed a lot more than anyone could have ever expected; and by anyone I mean government officials who claim that Wikileaks has leaked out the most confidential and secured of information.

In verity, what Wikileaks has done is that it has brought to light some crucial and essential information, which other than bringing out the truth does not really affect the confidentiality of government or military related information. There is nothing really that could cause national damage because of Wikileaks and its actions. However it so happens now, that due to Wikileaks recent Leak on the “link between the US cable leaks and China’s Politburo” Amazon has turned its back to Wikileaks and has kicked it off Amazon’s cloud.

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