Startup Acquisitions – Phoenix from the Ashes or Mere Vestiges

We often ignore the simple rules of a pond – the big fish will try to devour the small ones. And in the world of technology, the big companies will try to (in the garb of supporting and mentoring) acquire new ventures. But experience tells us, that not all of these mergers are a success.

Be it Yahoo!, Google or Skype, all of them have made various startup acquisitions, most of which failed to take off. Yahoo’s unfortunate tryst with Flickr, Delicious, MyBlogLog and many others has given disastrous results. Even Google’s purchase of Dodgeball and Blogger did not make the grade. Since the list of failures is quite long, it is imperative we examine the causes.

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Yahoo! opts for Downsizing again, to Revive Business

Let me first wish all readers and regular followers of Brajeshwar a very Happy New Year, 2011. 2010 could have been a bad year for many and here is hoping for a better start in 2011. A bad year it was for many at Yahoo! too.

Yes, Yahoo! has done it again. In less than 4 years the company has gone ahead and issued the pink slip to as many as 2,700 employees. History says that the Sunnyvale, California based company had sacked around 1,400 jobs in the year 2008 during the time of recession and then up to 700 job holders were shown the gate in the very next year 2009.

Following this is yet another lot of 600 people who now have to look for other job opportunities. The downsizing saga continued with Yahoo! chopping of 600 jobs during December mid-month of 2010, but the number supposedly higher than the real deal. There were speculations of at least a 20% layoff which in real-time has reduced to a 4% layoff.

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Download Series AA Equity Financing Documents from Y Combinator

Y Combinator and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati announced the Series AA Equity Financing Documents. Their goal is to make angel funding rounds for startups easier for both sides.

While they may not be suitable for all situations, the goal is to make the terms fairly neutral. So while it is advisable both parties using these documents to have their lawyers look at them, they provide a starting point that can be used in many situations without too many modifications.

Download them from Y Combinator

And here is all of them zipped for you (un-modified and un-altered).

Google, Yahoo! and other Search Engines will index Flash Files

This is the beginning of a new phenomena — Google, the leader in Search — will now be able to index textual content in Flash files of all kinds — Flash menus, buttons to banner, to self-contained Flash websites. Google have launched their Flash indexing algorithm, we can expect improved visibility of Flash content, with better search results and snippets.

People who have once shunned Flash for the lack of visibility on Search Engines can now rejoice. Earlier, it have been very difficult to make Flash contents indexable by Search Engines.
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Web video gone wild

Recently, Adobe announced the availability of the beta version of their latest Flash Player. With it came the good news about the future of high quality video on the Internet – support for H.264 video, ACC Audio, et al. Of course, the superior quality that H.264 will bring is definitely going to be a key factor in the future. However, what tagged along with the good news were some caveats and strings that will make you to think and ponder upon what it will cost you.

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