Startup Acquisitions – Phoenix from the Ashes or Mere Vestiges

We often ignore the simple rules of a pond – the big fish will try to devour the small ones. And in the world of technology, the big companies will try to (in the garb of supporting and mentoring) acquire new ventures. But experience tells us, that not all of these mergers are a success. […]

Yahoo! opts for Downsizing again, to Revive Business

Let me first wish all readers and regular followers of Brajeshwar a very Happy New Year, 2011. 2010 could have been a bad year for many and here is hoping for a better start in 2011. A bad year it was for many at Yahoo! too. Yes, Yahoo! has done it again. In less than […]

Web video gone wild

Adobe will not allow third party streaming servers to stream H.264 video or AAC Audio into the Flash Player? One would need an appropriate license from Adobe to do so! So, for the future high quality Video on Web, will Adobe have the last laugh?