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‘Flashcomm : 2 more Components’

Flashcomm Components, they have been upadated and 2 more components (15th Component : VideoPlayback and the 16th : VideoRecord) have been added. Go get your FREE download today. Thanks to Sam for the quick info.

Remember to read the documentation of the 2 new components in the PDF that is enclosed with the communication components package. It is also learnt that the “SimpleConnect” component no longer has a memory leak on the client-side; previously, the memory leak occurred if you typed faster than 1 character every 10 milliseconds. And no more problem of those people asking how can you have more than one AVPresence component instances in a single application without having to set the property for each instance of the AVPresence,

As promised by Peldi in one of the flashcomm mailing list, “application.asc” and “framework.asc files” have been modified to allow garbage collection for applications using components. Enjoy !

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