I design experiences, opportunities, careers, teams, products, and organizations.


I have been writing since 2001. I write about productivity, technology, entrepreneurship, startup life, and design. Read the Blog.

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Valinor Earth

I co-founded Valinor Earth with two of my close friends, with whom I have worked on multiple projects and companies. We use machine learning with satellite data to monitor farms, track crop growth, and water stress. All done remotely.

For early-stage Investors, please Schedule a Meeting. We are raising our first seed round.

Entrepreneurs, and Startups

I will listen to your ideas, problems, and I won’t judge.

The best ideas are fragile; most people don’t even start talking about them because they sound silly. Perhaps most of all, you want to be around people who don’t make you feel stupid for mentioning an awful idea and who certainly never feel silly for doing so themselves.

You can practice your pitch, ask questions about your product, talk about product design, user-interfaces, and user experiences.

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