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Component Skinning - Scripted Art

Components – something I do not love much for my projects, though good for demos and fast presentations. It is the lack of flexibility to “skin it with ease and more effectively”. Let us pray MM does something in future for this. Well, for me, my view of component is changing. I had been doing a couple of projects together with Darshan, and as you know he is the component guy, so we were clashing on many issues. He wants almost everything to be components and that is where I start hating as it limits my design a lot.

But then, while discussing and seeing some of his modified components, we came up with a possibility of some easy skinning. I designed the MCs which acts like a button and even labeled them with the necessary labels that is usually associated with the push button. Then, he did his usual stuffs inside the component and change a few things here and there, Viola! and we have some of the design we need with a Push button component and I never need to know what the component does which I still maintain my design and the various state of the MC inside that MC itself.

The source download is not available as we both are on a rather mega project with full implementation of good use of components, real OOP and spiced by some cool interface, interaction, motion, design and backed by Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX. But the sad thing is we are in strict NDA and may not be even able to show it to the general public even after its release save for few ones whom will be invited to view through emails.

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