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Flash Serials and Product Activation

Like many others Flash developers, I am getting e-mails and blog comment(s) about Flash 2004/Professional serial numbers. I think these developers and designers alike do not read the Product activation, and read more of Flash blogs around, so let me do a quick run down on the Product activation and why I cannot share my serial number with you.

My serial number is only for me which means once it is activated on my machine, it will be rendered useless for you unless otherwise, I don’t want to be involved in software piracy and or act utterly/foolishly generous. And also if you register the product before me, I would not be able to use my software.

Macromedia states that “Product activation is an anonymous, secure, and hassle free process that authenticates licensed users during the installation process. The process verifies that the serial number is legitimate, and has not been activated on more systems than allowed by the Macromedia End User License Agreement (EULA). It does not affect the ability of licensed users to use their software the way they have always done.”

So, please buy yourself or ask your company to buy you a license of Flash from Macromedia, they have many schemes for Students/Teachers, Corporate Volume License Program and alike. If you really want my help in buying one, then I can help you if you are either a good designer or a developer, prove that I can offload some of my work to you and and you earn some money to buy yourself a copy. Mail me your resume, portfolio, client list (list of work urls), samples etcetera and we can always work out something for you to help buy that much needed Flash 2004 copy of yours.

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