Oracle, thus spake the

Ok, let me not do the prediction part but let us see some few things that is likely to happen in the future of Flash Development, or should be better called it web development. For the past couple of months, there had been many a project proposals for Rich Internet Applications and near-RIAs, couple of which really fit into the realm of what Macromedia Central is most likely to do. Until Macromedia Central becomes public, Screenweaver MX, Flash Studio Pro and SWF Studio are the solutions which can be use to mimic a bit of what is expected of such applications.

The above mention third party applications have their own pros and cons; should be properly reviewed, looked into, see their possibilities before embarking on a project and using the same. I cannot and should not be giving an expert opinion but the usage of these third party applications depends very precisely on the demand of the application you are planning to develop.

It is also likely that in future when Macromedia Central becomes public, there will be huge demands for porting of many current applications and new development of RIAs; is also more likely to be even higher and wilder than what Flash Communication Server did when it was released. Flashcom, as a matter of fact is not just about the most abusive use in Chat with Audio/Video, it is rather finding more and more of its role in RIA development coupled with the capabilities of the powerful Macromedia Flash Remoting. Talking about Flash Remoting, won’t it be more cool, if remoting is integrated inside Flash itself, more or less. Let us keep a watch over what Flash is taking us ahead.