Are you afraid of the Dark?

Sonja Verbrugge had no idea that this was going to be her last day on earth. She was pushing her way through the sea of summer tourists overflowing the busy sidewalks of Unter den Linden. Don’t panic, she told herself. You must keep calm.

The instant message on her computer from Franz had been terrifying.

Run, Sonja! Go to the Artemisia Hotel. You will be safe there. Wait until you hear from … The message had ended suddenly. Why had Franz not finished it? What could be happening? The night before, she had heard her husband saying to someone on the telephone that Prima must be stopped at all costs. Who was Prima? Frau Verbrugge was nearing Brandenburgische Strasse, where the Artemisia was located, the hotel that catered to women only. I will wait for Franz there and he will explain to me what this is all about.

That is from the prologue of the new upcoming Sidney Sheldon’s book, Are you afraid of the Dark?, expected to be released this September, 2004. Sidney Sheldon have been my ultimate author for whom I have not missed any of his editions/novels. My first introduction to his writing came early during my high school days and had read all his released editions so far. Here are his others works (not ordered in any sequence) which I have read so far;

  1. Morning Noon & Night
  2. Nothing Last Forever
  3. The Stars Shine down
  4. The Doomsday Conspiracy
  5. The Sands of Time
  6. Windmills of the Gods
  7. Memories of Midnight
  8. If Tomorrow Comes
  9. Master of the Game
  10. Rage of Angels
  11. Boodline
  12. A Stranger in the Mirror
  13. Naked Face
  14. The Other side of Midnight
  15. Tell me your Dreams
  16. The Best Laid Plans
  17. The Sky is Falling