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Huge record intake by Flash!

Mike Downey had once said, “I was even asked by one team of developers how they could solve a performance problem they encounter when loading 700,000 complex data records into the Flash player via Remoting! OMG!”, at the MAX India 2004. Well, I was also there and I tried to reply with a rather surprised notion of, “Why so much record at a time?”.

The instant thought that came into my mind was break it up. Anyway, as we are talking on a superficial manner, I was unable to help the developer totally solve it. Today, while I was discussing a project with one of my developer friend, the same topic came up again. Why? but why do we need to get that much of record into an application? And we are talking of Flash here, where it is best left to take in things in pieces. And with remoting (the developer told us that he was using remoting), for instance, CFMX remoting have the inbuilt paging option for your recordset, so why not use it? If there is no way to solve the situation in that manner, then I am really doubtful if the application have been architectured well in the first place.

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