Macromedia GoogiesThe Fedex guy knocked at my door again and gave me that big box seen in the image. One of the cool content that I really adore is the pair of boxes containing "Flash MX 2004 Component Collectible Cards". The main attraction was neverthless, the Flash Timbuk2 Laptop Messenger Bag and the Flash T-Shirt (gotoAndPlay). There was also the article discussing the recent update to Flash (Ellipsis), changes to the Flash team and how Macromedia sees Flash evolving in the future, a booklet on "Web Video with Macromedia Flash".

The kit contains the following major components:

* new extension to Dreamweaver for deploying Flash video
* lite version of the new Sorenson Squeeze 4.0
* 15-day trial of the new Flash Video Streaming Service Lite, powered by Vitalstream
* comprehensive video primer that details all you need to know about Flash video

*Getting Started, Flash Video Resources*

* Flash Video Exporter (free with Flash MX 2004 Professional)
* Getting Started with Flash Video
* Import and Edit Video Tutorial
* Flash MX 2004 and Video whitepaper
* Flash Video Gallery
* Flash Video Developer Center
* Integrating Video Into Macromedia Flash
* Flash Video Streaming Service