Nokia floated a press release during the early first quarter of this year regarding the introduction (last quarter of this year, 2004) of Nokia 9500 Communicator among many other models. According to Nokia, this model offers high memory capacity, a full set of business critical applications, and versatile network connecctions. This model is not that bulky as the earlier 9600i and its families.

Key Features

* Full QWERTY keyboard and two 65,536-color displays
* Tri-band operation on five continents
* 80 MB built-in memory, support for additional memory with memory card (MMC)
* High-speed data connectivity with EGPRS (EDGE)
* Wireless LAN access (WiFi, IEEE 802.11b)
* Email, Personal Information Management (PIM), HTML 4.01 / xHTML browser
* Business applications like word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation editor, and viewer (Microsoft compatible, MS Office 97 onwards)
* Office tools: Documents, sheets, presentations (Microsoft compatible, MS Office 97 onwards)
* Security solutions: SSL/TLS, VPN, Ipsec, WPA
* Integrated VGA camera, video recorder, MMS
* Symbian 7.0S OS (series 80 platform), Java MIDP 2.0 and Personal profile
* Advanced voice features: Integrated handsfree, conference call
* Bluetooth technology and Pop-Port interfaces for versatile enhancement support

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