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Spammers, the scum of Internet

Spammers are indeed the real scum of the internet and are directly responsible for losses that we suffer on the internet, the bandwidth, the time taken to delete them, block them, un-subscribe from them. I spend more than 30% of my bandwidth deleting spams, blocking them and doing whatever possible to get away from the them. And I pay for every bandwidth I use. I always have a notion that you do not bark back at the dogs that barks at you or the cow on the street at mows at you.

Well, these spammers are worst than them infact, you can shoooooe the dogs away but not these dirt of the society, scum of human race, the dirtiest and most retarded brains that uses machine to spam us. Any act of spamming either to your e-mail or on blog comments are very similar to any terrorist act and I see no difference between them. Even though spams do not kill you immediately but they are like carcinogens, slow killing poisen that tends to poison the way you work, live and survive on this earth. They are very similar to the worst pests that should be killed, hanged, smashed, shredded, beaten to death and removed off the face of this earth immediately.

Everybody have been receiving spam mails on their e-mail, comments on their blog and it is crippling the good use of both the medium. The pollution created by spams and spammers are drastically bad that if given a chance, I would love to hit them back in the hardest possible way even if I have to invest some of my time and money on the same. I would love to pay, donate to get spammers arrested, jailed, starved, lashed every minute of their existence. And yes, all the worst swear words that exist in English Vocubalary, dictionary, hollywood movies goes to them from me.

If you ever beat up a spammer black and blue, please let me know so that I can compensate some of my donation to you for the good thing you do, for your time. Yes, if I have enough extra money in future, I will definitely start something like a SWAT to specially tackle, sneak around, detect spammers and beat them, torture them and sever off their digits so that the next moment they see a computer, keyboards, they will swear to god never to touch them.

One of the worst consequence of UNSUBSCRIBING from a spamming list is that you ended up spammed more and more as your un-subscribe mail id is again stored in a databank for spamming by these bloody spammers, who have some of the worst criminal minds in the human history.

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