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Ultra Pixel Fonts

I got a mail couple of days back about Ultrafonts, a new type foundry which uses a patented technique for making Ultra Pixel Fonts. Ultra Pixel Fonts are fonts which are crystal clear at even the smallest sizes. These fonts stay crisp in pretty much any digital media and setting, from flash on a PDA to Photoshop. Not only does this greatly improve clarity on digital devices, but the size of the fonts allows much more content to be presented in a more readable form. You can look at the comparison graphic for an instant feel of the font.

Here is an excerpt from their press release;

TRUTH in Design is proud to announce Ultrafonts, a new type foundry which will sell uniquely legible computer fonts called Ultra Pixel Fonts (UPF), which combine the best features of pixel fonts and anti aliasing.

The system fonts of Windows XP and MacOS are outline shapes pixelated by algorithms. In contrast, every shade of gray in an Ultra Pixel Font is painted by a human typographer. The difference is clear, especially at small sizes.

Typographers around the world created a library of fonts hand-optimized for the screen, the web, and digital devices. The library is now open at, selling fonts and font families guaranteed to work in Flash, Photoshop, Mac OS, Windows, and anywhere Truetype fonts are supported.

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