Adobe and Macromedia

Dec 05, 2005

My archives won't be that complete without an article that highlights the completion of the acquisition of "Macromedia (Macromedia)": by "Adobe (Adobe)": which was officially closed on the 3rd of December, 2005. One of the interesting outcome of the acquisition at this moment is the announcement that Adobe Reader to be part of the Flash Player.


* "Adobe Completes Acquisition of Macromedia (Adobe Completes Acquisition of Macromedia)":
* "Acquisition FAQ (Acquisition FAQ)":
* "Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen's Breeze Presentation (Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen's Breeze Presentation)":
* "Adobe's New Product Line after the acquisition (Adobe's New Product Line after the acquisition)":


*Macromedia Certifications*

* All Macromedia Certified Professionals will remain current and will not lose their certifications.
* If you have a Macromedia Certification voucher, it is still valid and can be redeemed at "Vue-Macromedia (Vue-Macromedia)":

Mike Chambers have some "clarification (clarification)": regarging the Flash Player - Adobe Reader confusion. The message is *THERE IS NO PLANS TO COMBINE THE FLASH PLAYER AND ACROBAT READER WEB BROWSER PLUGINS*.