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Brajeshwar v6.0

I have been planning a revamp for almost a year and when I finally did one, it looks like it needed a revamp tomorrow. But then, let me put that tomorrow for another year! I just saw Joshuaink, that kept me pondering if that is a website or a nicely well-kept, mowed garden where beautiful flowers grow. The site is so nice, clean and wierdly beautiful that made my site look like a rectangular match-box with steel frames. Nothing more can I do than just be jealous and admire that site design.

Onwards, browsing through the galley section at CSSVault, I am totally amazed at how people come up with some of the best known UI Designs. Look at the cool UI Designs, Spilt Cocoa, “Folietto (Folietto)”:, “JoshDura (JoshDura)”:, “Snook (Snook)”:, etc.

But then, with the current v6, I have learnt few more xhtml, css tricks and am trying my best to implement some if not all of them;

Finally, version 6.0 is under a real-time upgrade and you might encounter inconveniences! If you are looking for an article, the search facility provided is a good option to try your luck.

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