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Brajeshwar v6.0

I have been planning a revamp for almost a year and when I finally did one, it looks like it needed a revamp tomorrow. But then, let me put that tomorrow for another year! I just saw Joshuaink, that kept me pondering if that is a website or a nicely well-kept, mowed garden where beautiful flowers grow. The site is so nice, clean and wierdly beautiful that made my site look like a rectangular match-box with steel frames. Nothing more can I do than just be jealous and admire that site design.

Onwards, browsing through the galley section at CSSVault, I am totally amazed at how people come up with some of the best known UI Designs. Look at the cool UI Designs, Spilt Cocoa, Folietto, JoshDura, Snook, etcetera and yes, I felt again that I should re-do my site!

But then, with the current v6, I have learnt few more xhtml, css tricks and am trying my best to implement some if not all of them;

  • Stop quoting URLs.
  • “0” do not need a unit unlike others because zero pixels equals zero centimeters equals zero of any other length unit. Despite this itǃÙs very common to see something like padding: 0px where padding: 0 would do.
  • Take advantage of inheritance and cascading nature of Cascading Style Sheets.

And, IE Blog have also Call to action, The demise of CSS hacks and broken pages. IE7 will fix many of the parsing bugs that CSS hacks rely on. Using conditional comments is the safest way of dealing with CSS bugs in Internet Explorer. Some of the CSS hacks that will very likely not work in Internet Explorer 7 are:

  • html > body
  • * html
  • head:first-child + body
  • head + body
  • body > element

Finally, version 6.0 is under a real-time upgrade and you might encounter inconveniences! If you are looking for an article, the search facility provided is a good option to try your luck.

Btw, feel free to download the Template for Brajeshwar v6.0.