Macromedia Shwag Baton

In keeping with the Macromedia Shwag baton passing tradition, after I was handed it coupla days back by Matt Voerman, I am proud to list out mine.

Being an Adobe Community Expert (erstwhile Macromedia Team Member), and a much pampered developer of Macromedia Technologies, I am lucky to get many if not HUGE Macromedia Collectibles! As for the ones intended for the Macromedia User Groups, I am tired of distributing them as it never finishes. I would like to slip a quick thanks to Edward Sullivan for the same. Mike Chamber is another person responsible for most of my possessions and a heap of thanks goes to him.

Macromedia Shwag in my possession (and everything else that came from Macromedia) so far;

Oldest Macromedia Shwag in your possession - I think it is the Flash MX NFR Copy.

5 Favorite Macromedia Shwag items;

  1. Timbuk2 bags
  2. Mobile Phone
  3. Wacom Tablet
  4. V2 Component API Card
  5. Central API Poster