In keeping with the Macromedia Shwag baton passing tradition, after I was handed it coupla days back by "Matt Voerman (Matt Voerman)":, I am proud to list out mine.

May be this is akin to my nature, but I am not really comfortable showing them off (well, for anything I possess for that matter) and thus keeps most of them to be used only for the appropriate time/place. Being an Adobe Community Expert (erstwhile Macromedia Team Member), manager of "iGeeks (iGeeks)": and a much pampered developer of Macromedia Technologies, I am lucky to get many if not HUGE Macromedia Collectibles! As for the ones intended for the Macromedia User Groups, I am tired of distributing them as it never finishes. I would like to slip a quick thanks to Edward Sullivan for the same. Mike Chamber is another person responsible for most of my possessions and a heap of thanks goes to him.

*Macromedia Shwag in my possession (and everything else that came from Macromedia)*

* Numerous T-Shirts including that famous "gotoAndPlay"
* Numerous Pens
* A Red Flash MX2004 laptop bag (Timbuk2)
* Blue Timbuk2 Bag (Small Size)
* Team Macromedia Polo shirts
* Mobile phone screen cleaners
* Flash component card sets
* Macromedia MX travel clock
* DRK CD's
* Flex 1.5
* Macromedia MX Studio
* Flash MX 2004 Professional
* Macromedia MX 2004 Studio
* eLearning Suite 2004
* Director MX 2004
* Central API Posters
* Books/Magazines
* Wacom tablet
* Nokia 6680
* Devnet CD Case/Holder
* Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Detector (Found it in my hotel room, I am not sure but Macromedia!)
* Team Macromedia Tag pin
* Macromedia Certified Professional Tag Pin
* Macromedia UserGroup Manager Tag Pin

*Oldest Macromedia Shwag in your possession*
I think it is the Flash MX NFR Copy

*Last Macromedia Shwag you received*
I cannot tell you this one (honestly)!

*Most Unusual Shwag*
Hmmm, donno!

*Shwag you wear/use most often*
Hmmm, I think I don't use them that often

*5 Favorite Macromedia Shwag items*

# Timbuk2 bags
# Mobile Phone
# Wacom Tablet
# V2 Component API Card
# Central API Poster

*People(s) I'm passing the baton to:*

I think I am the last one, if you are still out there, please pick it up from me and pass on this baton.

BTW, let me take this opportuity to ask if anybody is willing to sell off *FutureSplash, Flash v1.0, Flash 2.0, Flash v3.0, Flash v4.0 and Flash v5.0*. I want to buy them. I am more interested in the box and the software even if you have lost the licence (I won't be using it).