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Newsgator Outlook Edition - Feeds, News Reader

I am surprised why haven’t I come across “Newsgator Outlook Edition (Newsgator Outlook Edition)”: before? I had my newsgator subscription account after it “acquired (NewsGator Technologies Acquires FeedDemon)”: FeedDemon but I never used the same. I had been searching for a newsreader (NNTP) plug-in for Outlook 2003 for quite sometime, I even found some but none live up to their promise. I went out today again on Google to do a search and stumble upon “NewsGator Outlook Edition 2.5 (NewsGator Outlook Edition 2.5)”:

Outlook Edition is a cool software, very professional, plugs into Outlook, synchronizes with your online feeds at Newsgator and will ultimately be able to do away with “FeedDemon (FeedDemon)”: (I have to have FeedDemon open most of the time to check the loads of Feeds!). They even have “Plug-ins and Extensions (Plug-ins and Extensions)”: that allows you to post to your blogs (“Blogger (Blogger)”:, “Movable Type (Movable Type)”:, “Typepad (Typepad)”:, and a bunch of others).

Another cool thing that struck me with the Outlook Edition was that it can read NNTP Newsgroups. Wow! Newsgator cured two of my itches today. I used to use Outllok Express to read Macromedia’s NewsGroup. Btw, currently I read only Macromedia’s NNTP (MM’s NNTP Server:

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