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Obfu, an AS2.0 obfuscator for $1812

Obfu is a tool dedicated to obfuscating ActionScript bytecode located into SWF files. It takes one SWF as input, an obfuscation key and protected variable files and create a new SWF, identical to the input SWF except that all not protected variables names have been replaced by an obfuscated name.

The obfuscation is mathematically irreversible and this one does not add some silly code to the SWF which makes most Decompilers think it is loading some wrong and strange file. But hold on, this one is not cheap at all, its around 1500 EUR or 1812 USD for a single license for one year.

Our team have been very skeptical of releasing some of our hard work just for the fear of totally being decompiled and seeing our codes stark naked. We can now think cooly and do not worry about those works where we have more or less fixed/patched all MM v2 components (to name an instance), to let out in the public. We are a bit selfish at this point because of the toil we went though (to V2 Hell and back).

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