The v2.0 of "Blinksale (Blinksale)": is now live. The v2.0 is still simple yet elaborate enough to have good leg-room for flexible needs. They have bumped up the number of invoices you can send each month with Blinksale paid accounts. And the Blinksale Free account now includes all the major features of Blinksale. If you only send three invoices a month or less, then "Blinksale Free (Blinksale Free)": is the way to go.

The best 2 things that I noticed so far are

* Ability to do recurring invoice
* Ability to set different currencies for individual invoices and override the default currency

I have been using "Blinksale (Blinksale)": for invoices since its very early release. I like its simplicity and their no hassle approach. I like it so much that I decided to use it extensively for our Company, "Oinam (Oinam)": and have been using it on a regular basis. This takes care of all invoices both domestic and international.


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