Dev Tools - The tools they use to run and build 37signals

Wed, Jan 04, 2006

"37signals (37signals)": have a very nice "list of tools (The tools they use to run and build 37signals)": that helped them run and build their team. Do read the comments for more insights on other people's ideas. I am beginning to really like the idea of a very open community in this blog-era-internet. People are virtually opening up almost everything, sharing everything and being in a very healthy competition.

And here are some of the tools that we use day in and day out (or rather very frequently) at "Oinam Software (Oinam Software)":


* "CVSDude (CVSDude)": - CVS, SVN, Trac for Source Version Control
* "DirectI (DirectI)": for Website-Domain-DNS Management
* "Basecamp (Basecamp)": for Project Management
* "Gmail (Gmail)": for Newsletters, Lyrics and everything that can come in with possible spams
* "MovableType (MovableType)": for most of our Site's CMS
* "Mint (Mint)": for Site Statistics Analysis
* "MediaTemple (MediaTemple)":, "MediumCube (MediumCube)": and our own "OinamHost (OinamHost)": for Hosting, Management, Development, Staging Servers
* "Blinksale (Blinksale)": for Invoice
* "PunBB (PunBB)":, the minimalistic forum software powers our "Technical Discussion Board (Oinam Technical Discussion Board)": (some sections of the forum is open to public)


* "Eclipse (Eclipse)": and its variant - "WTP (WTP)":, "CFEclipse (CFEclipse)":, "PHPEclipse (PHPEclipse)": for XHTML, CSS, ActionScript, JavasScript, ColdFusion, PHP
* "Microsoft Outlook (Microsoft Outlook)":, "Thunderbird (Thunderbird)": for E-Mail Management
* "Firefox (Firefox)": of course, the _de-facto_ Web Browser
* "Newsgator-FeedDemon (Newsgator-FeedDemon)": for RSS Management
* "Lenovo (Lenovo)": (Erstwhile IBM) Thinkcenter and Thinkpads
* "Trillian (Trillian)": for IMs and internal text-communication, "Skype (Skype)": and " (": for Voice communication
* "Flash IDE (Flash IDE)":
* "Photoshop (Photoshop)":

*What about your Dev Tools?*