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FontHit Font Tools

I needed a simple, light and easy to use font management tool for myself and the team. I found coupla commercial ones which are not that costly; and I did found a free one too. I tried the free one, FontHit Font Tools, and this have fulfilled my requirements. Powered by a flexible plugin framework, FontHit Font Tools is available with plugins with which you can view, preview, install, uninstall, print in color, customize size and text of the previews, browse your hard drive and view fonts in convenient categories, use drag-n-drop to add font files (even folders and zip files with fonts) to the preview list. You can also search the web for fonts and font-related webpages right from within the Font Tools, using the FontHit Search plugin. It format support includes - True Type, Open Type, most Raster (Bitmap) and installed Type 1.

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