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Adobe instilled the “T” in Creativity with CS3

On Wednesday 18th April, 2007, I went to the evening commercial launch of the Adobe Creative Suite 3 at ITDC, Grand Central Sheraton, Parel, Mumbai (INDIA). Adobe called it the Creativi-T ‘07. We saw Sandeep Mehrotra, the country sales Manager of Adobe speaking, later followed by an engaging advertisement filled creativity show by noted creativity veteran - Piyush Pandey (Executive Chairman, National Creative Director, India and South Asia, Ogilby & Mather). He talked, in fact, he showed us how technology helped and is an enabler for creativity. We also had talks from Mark Phibbs, Director Marketing APAC, Adobe all about the details of the Adobe Creative Suite 3.

Finally, the next day, it was the start of the Official launch of Adobe’s Creative Suite 3 in India, starting at Mumbai - Thursday, 19th April, 2007. After the usual official talks, speeches, there were 2 separate sessions for the Designers and Developers where we got to see some amazing creativity done with the 13 Softwares and 2 Server products from Adobe which are compiled in 6 different Adobe Suites.

Together these 6 editions of Creative Suite 3 address virtually every creative discipline and empower you to work more efficiently with your creative team; collaborate more closely with developers to produce engaging experiences; and serve your clients, your business, and your creative vision more easily and effectively than ever before.

I am eagerly waiting for my Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection. Thanks to Christine Lawson for the same.

Disclaimer: I am an Adobe Community Experts (since 2002) and Manager of an Adobe User Group (since 2003), and one among the “group of pampered lucky bastards” of Adobe. That’s the reason I am getting my share of the softwares from Adobe, please don’t get jealous.

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