Adobe’s ColdFusion 8 released

Besides many other new features, ColdFusion 8 also introduces an Eclipse plug-in debugger. You can use it to set breakpoints, watch variables, and step through code, making it easier to debug application code.

With ColdFusion 8, there will be no or rather very minimal need for a third-party plugin to do image manipulation. There are more than 50 new tags and functions for creating and manipulating images, from the simple to the sophisticated ones. The new CFIMAGE tag provides shortcuts to the most common image actions, including reading, writing, resizing, rotating, and converting images.

ColdFusion 8 introduces Multi-threading with the new CFTHREAD tag, which allows you to create, end, join together, or temporarily suspend the processing of specific ColdFusion threads. ColdFusion 8 makes it possible to specify any .NET object - either local or remote - and use it in your ColdFusion application, just like Java or other object resource.

ColdFusion 8 includes the Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES (formerly Flex Data Services) and other data exchange improvements to simplify the data-enabling of rich Internet applications (RIAs) you build with ColdFusion and Flex.

ColdFusion 8 allows you to dynamically create multimedia experiences and eLearning courses with animation, audio, and video. These high-quality, on-demand presentations are generated on the server with up-to-the-minute data and content from multiple external sources.

ColdFusion 8 introduces the new CFFEED tag, which can read and create RSS and Atom feeds in commonly used formats, so you can quickly and easily create complex content syndication applications.

ColdFusion 8 introduces two new tags, CFZIP and CFZIPPARAM, so you can manipulate ZIP and JAR files for working with file archives.

ColdFusion 8 now includes RSA BSAFE Crypto-J libraries, which provide FIPs 140-certified strong encryption.

License Cost

ColdFusion 8 is available in two editions - ColdFusion 8 Enterprise Edition and the Standard Edition. The Enterprise Edition is a high-performance solution for delivering multiple web sites and applications on one or more servers, or on an existing J2EE application server installation. It is available for $7,499 per 2-CPUs and the Standard Edition is available for $1,299 per 2-CPUs. Upgrades for earlier ColdFusion customers starts from $649.

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