DreamWorks Animation signs deal with Indian studio, Technicolor

DreamWorks Animation, USA will soon be in India. They have signed a deal with Technicolor, India to develop an animation facility in India. This is another good sign of Hollywood’s interest to harness the talent in International markets.

In a recent acquisition, Technicolor took over Paprikaas, the Bangalore-based animation and video game company. Technicolor’s deal with DreamWorks will draw on local animators and technicians for upcoming film and television projects. Technicolor has a 100,000 sq ft site in Bangalore where its employees work on film restoration, digital compression and authoring for Blu-ray and HD-DVD releases, as well as visual effects for new films.

Ahmad Ouri, president of Technicolor content services, said the group was keen to expand its visual effects work.

We want to create a real centre of excellence for digital services in India.

DreamWorks Animation wanted to “tap into and further develop the gifted talent base in India”.