Mixercast - intelligent, optimized, every ounce of Flash's capabilities un-earthed, un-leased

May 08, 2007

Like most usual evening, I was scanning NetNewsWire for RSS Feeds and my Yahoo!'s Search term for "Brajeshwar" pop-up and it was about Mixercast's new deals with many major media companies. Alright, but why would it notify me of my name (Brajeshwar) search feed and viola - Mixercast's PR Team were observant enough to quote some of my phrases.

Yahoo! Press Release for MixerCast quotes,

According to Flash Platform Analyst Brajeshwar Oinam, who collaborated on the project, the MixerCast Designer is "one of the most powerful Flash Applications we have ever attempted -- intelligent, optimized and every ounce of Flash's capabilities un-earthed and un-leased. (MixerCast is) an uber tool for online photo, video, audio editing and manipulation."

My special thanks to the MixerCast PR Team. Btw, have you signed up for Mixercast? Yes, it is still in its alpha/beta phase but it is ready to mix and re-mix your media or with all the licensed contents that Mixercast just signed up with.