Wordpress 2.1 Easter Eggs

Jan 23, 2007

Wordpress Easter EggsWith the release of the new improvised "Wordpress 2.1 (Wordpress 2.1)":http://wordpress.org/development/2007/01/ella-21/, the team have promised us lot of easter eggs. Let's start the hunt for the Wordpress 2.1 Easter Eggs. Here are some Wordpress Easter Eggs :

* Go to
where "myBlog" is your blog and assuming wordpress to be installed in that folder.

* Read the "Term of Service (Term of Service)":http://wordpress.com/tos/ (point no. 8 ) at "Wordpress (Wordpress)":http://wordpress.com/, you'll get the "Treat (Treat)":http://wordpress.com/tos/treat/

_Note_ - This list will be updated as and when more Wordpress Easter Eggs are found.