Apply for TechStars’ Summer 2008 Startup Program

TechStars is a Colorado-based initiative which aims at primarily filling in the startup funding gap, thus providing just enough capital to get your idea off the ground. A selected company or a team receives upto $15,000 in seed funding. However, it selects just the 10 best out of all the applicants. They had about 300 applicants last years of which only the creme ones succeed.

Advice and Mentoring

TechStars fills the experience gap by bringing together the best and the brightest in one place and surrounding you with incredible proven mentors for the summer. With this much talent in one place you’ll get great advice on your product and strategy, thereby ensuring the best possible start for your new business.


TechStars companies get immeasurable benefits that come from introductions and connections to potential partners and customers. At the end of the summer, each company also has the opportunity to pitch during an investor event that we organize.

What do you give up?

In exchange for the TechStars summer program, seed funding, advice, mentorship, connections, and investor demo day, TechStars receives a 5% equity stake in your new company. TechStars receievs “founders stock” which is just like yours.

Read details about TechStars Program. Or go ahead and directly apply for the Summer 2008 Program.