Beau Ambur acquires FlashForward

Few days back, Beau Ambur, CEO of Metaliq, announced the acquisition of the Flashforward Conference and Film Festival. Metaliq will be a Flashforward Conference premier sponsor. The next conference is scheduled for August 20-22, 2008 in San Francisco.


Metaliq is a solutions company specializing in industrial strength creative, code, and consulting. As a leading application development firm specializing in data-driven user experiences, Metaliq employs a team of top developers who identify, create, and implement innovative business solutions. Metaliq prides itself in developing industrial strength code and creating usable, intuitive and visually appealing applications. Metaliq works closely with top industry organizations to take their applications further, enhancing existing tools and identifying optimal implementations for our clients.

Flashforward Conference

The Flashforward Conference is the world’s original conference dedicated to interactive platforms. It was developed nine years ago and has been managed by events and Lynda Weinman since 2005. The Flashforward Conference and Film Festival is a historic event as the longest-running and largest gathering of Flash designers and developers in the world.

Lynda Weinman said, “As the co-founder, it’s extremely important to me that the torch carry forward to a respected industry insider who will run the conference for the benefit of this talented and diverse audience. Beau Ambur is among an elite group of the most forward-thinking Flash developers, who understands community and how important this event is to this industry. It’s an honor to pass the conference on to someone who is uniquely qualified to bring new ideas and vitality to an event that is near and dear to so many hearts.”

The next Flashforward Conference will be held August 20 – 22 in San Francisco, CA. The Film Festival showcases talent and presents awards to those leading in innovation and design.