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Cooliris for the iPhone

Cooliris is the browser extension that revolutionizes the way you view media on your computer. It is now available as an application for your iPhone! Cooliris for the iPhone allows you to search the web for media and news in an intuitive, easy-to-navigate way. Your results are displayed on an endlessly streaming 3D Wall that is a breeze to browse with your iPhone touchscreen.

This release of Cooliris for the iPhone centers around two main features: Search, which allows you to browse the latest pictures and videos, and Discover, your portal to up-to-date news for Sports, Entertainment, Business, and all the other featured channels you’ve come to expect from Cooliris on the Web.

Taking advantage of the iPhone’s GPS, Discover for the iPhone will provide you with a regional news channel that gives you local stories, as well as the traditional feeds. Discover allows you to zoom in on stories that interest you and get the full article in-line with the related media by using the Earth icon.

This is only the first release for Cooliris for the iPhone, and as such, it’s meant to help you navigate the internet’s news and media as simply and easily as possible. As the application grows, you’ll be seeing more features currently only available on the web client, as well as new ones which take advantage of the iPhone’s unique interface.




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