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Get things rolling with GUI

We’ve been advocating the use of command line interface since day one of our Linux adventure. This was not meant to make it sound ‘geeky’; nor does it make you stand out and sophisticated. The idea was clear – to make things more apt and generic. However, if you’re still afraid of trying things out on a terminal and wish to have a ride with all-things-graphic, we’ve come up with a few measures which get things done via a GUI.

The other reason for you having the need to hit on a GUI tab rather than using your keyboard is perhaps you being lazy! I’ve seen a lot of Linux users being lazy and using the graphical version of several daily use system features/applications. Of course there is nothing wrong in this, until the user finds comfort.

Let’s have some GUI tips which you can use on your Ubuntu Box. They will also run on other distros but the layout of the menu may be a bit different.

These were a few tips for Linux fans who love doing things the GUI way.

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