Linux and iPhone application solutions

Thu, Nov 20, 2008

iPhone Apps: Now on Linux!

Photo by Sigalakos

iPhone AppsNow on Linux!

The reason why Apple is such a great example for arrogant innovations is that it believes that it can take the market by storm with its products. Many of Apple's products have done exceedingly well and have created a sensation in the market. The most recent examples being iPhone and iPod.

The application features of iPhone have been a hot subject for discussions across the globe and not surprisingly even the Linux users have something in it which can be of their use. There are a few domains in which iPhone applications can touch base with Linux desktop and servers:

# File Share - Wi-Fi, EDGE and 3G connectivity are the only built in softwares in iPhone that can enable file transfers effectively between Linux and iPhone. The reason why Linux applications cannot be connected to iPhone applications directly is the absence of a suitable Apple device firmware.
One of the best examples of such a file transfer is with the help of Files. File sharing between an iPhone and a Linux PC becomes a lot easier by means of a Wi-Fi connection. The advantages are well admired as it is able to save file in formats such as doc, pdf and xls. The only restriction being a 200MB storage limit of the lite version of this software.
# Remote Control - The remote connectivity can be accessed on to your iPhone by either a 3G or Wi-Fi technologies. Some of the applications which enable better remote control are:
** TouchTerm - A free application providing secure remote access on your phones which includes support for Ctrl, Esc, Tab, and arrow keys.
** Mocha Telnet - An application which enables remote access using Telnet Servers. The application can be run successfully in a VT220 Terminal window.
** Mocha VNC Lite - This application provides access to VNC servers and the files, resources and programs can be handled by sitting on a desk.
** TN5250 Lite - This application is from the IBM series with specific functionality in the business world. It is a terminal emulator which provides access to an AS/400.
** Jaadu VNC - It is a yet another VNC client which is able to control a Linux PC with the minimum of efforts. This application is quite aesthetic and has an inverted mouse and different key permutations that can be sent to the remote desktop.
# Multimedia - The multimedia applications are more or less used for the entertainment purpose in the iPhone. This can be done by successfully installing different applications for different uses, connected to a Wi-Fi and the connection data has to be altered in the settings of the Linux PC. There are a lot of applications which can be used in the multimedia and mostly all of them have different user specifics. Some of the most widely and successfully used multimedia applications are MPoD (Music Player Daemon), Myth TV (personal video recorder), XBMC (media center application) and Zapper Pro (video disk recorder).