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Linux, Windows and Mac - The OS Race

If you belong to the “Linux Community” bandwagon, you may just have a different opinion on the fact that there are lessons to be learned from Windows and Mac! Linux community does enjoys some real good evangelism despite having a minuscule user base. Just to prove the support statement, statistics by Marketshare show that Windows enjoys a gorilla sized market share of 90%, followed by Mac 8% and Linux users together mount less than 1%.

Uniqueness about Linux primarily involves diversity, ability to be tailored well, availability and support to open source applications and not to mention some real good solutions. Most of the times, for free!

Still, the Linux community has a few learning outcomes to explore from its competitors, Windows and Mac. Just to list a few;

A few knowledge bytes:

These were a few insights of the OS market. We welcome criticism and appraisals alike!

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