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Open Source Startups

It is indeed a very gratifying feeling for open source advocates like us to know that there exists an immense business potential in this venture. Given a chance, a lot of employees would opt for a startup as it is normal human psyche to pay more attention to a business which is private owned as compared to others. It is the same with Open Source hackers who do the stuff they do because they enjoy doing it; so what if professionals call them amateurs? The point here is that if an open source user enjoys his work, he (considering the masculine) should seriously consider a new business venture out of it.

An Open Source user mostly enjoys his hacking art and creates business. A successful startup is not about business management, but about business creation or product creation. Remember, a company or an application is only as good as the startup. The chances of a startup being more successful are high because people tend to start a business out of their choice and not by any other compulsion means. It is about being more ambitious, it is about being more creative, it is about having a greater vision, it is about sensing a money making opportunity and most importantly it is about the attitude.

Darwin’s Theory of evolution comes into today’s scenario when open source hackers around the world make a decent amount of money doing what they like. Startups on Open Source have a wider reach on the web and thus the wealth creation prospects are enormous. Open Source startups have the secreted vision in them to get rid off the old employer-employee relationships that are so ubiquitous in today’s recessionary IT environment. The eon has come to explore a business which has minimal risk and can be thought of with an owner’s mindset.

Thus it is pure logic to create a business which someone likes and tries to execute it amateurishly in a professional way. It is also a way to get out of the customary organizational milieu which has the competence to bug any individual after a certain point of time. Many sources say that juvenile dynamic populace these days look to start their own business, for two primary reasons, it’s their business and it’s their money. That’s the leverage an individual can have and more than anything else it is their decision making capabilities that may be more efficient and productive vis-a-vis an employee in an organization.

Well, that’s the way the world should be, that’s what creates a true competitive environment. That is what Survival of the Fittest is.

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