Why Startup?

The start-up ecosystem in India has taken a new height. Today, a lot of talented, fresh graduates from college have an inclination towards entrepreneurship. The case was not the same a few years back. While entrepreneurs are made by both - choice and circumstances, a handful of them have graduated to a full fledged company with a long list of employees, a heavy portfolio of clients or an application that’s stuck to the heart and minds of many.

While trying to find out reasons for this change in India, I could smell several reasons for growth in the Internet based start-ups. Not all may be true for an entrepreneur but somehow the strings are attached to one of these.

Few reasons for the growth in the web based entrepreneurship include;

The reasons are many. The idea is to sustain a living, escalate a product/service and emerge as one of the bluechip companies which either continue to get bigger or find a prospective buyer and make big money. The credit in either of the cases remains with the start-up who toiled hard to get there.

I would want to elaborate on the lifestyle a start-up has in one of my future posts.